You carry my current cabinetry manufacturer. Can I get replacement parts from you?
Yes, as long as the cabinets are currently in manufacture.
My kitchen floor plan calls for special-size cabinets. Do you offer special sizes?
Yes, our manufacturers all provide some level of specialty sizes. It all depends upon your specific needs. Contact us and we can definitely get to work solving your dilemma.
Are your cabinets guaranteed?
Each manufacturer we work with provides various guarantees on their product. Cabinetry by Cales also warranties our installation. Please review our warranty policy.
Do you offer kitchen design or just cabinets and installation?
We do! Most of our customers are not working with professional designers but know what they want. We can work with you to ensure that your ideas become reality.
Do you use sub-contractors?
Yes, for some services, we do. All our subcontractors are insured and strictly monitored by our management staff.
Can I just replace the doors and drawer fronts?
Yes, absolutely! Our wide selection of product lines give us better flexibility in matching your needs.
Do you do cabinet refinishing?
Sure do! As long as the cabinets are structurally sound, we're happy to help you with this option.
What does "frameless" mean?
Frameless is a term used to describe a method of cabinet construction. It is also called euro-style and more appropriately, full access. Frameless cabinetry can be old world traditional or ultra contemporary in style. Typical American cabinetry has a 1/4" to 1/2" thick box with a wood framework attached to the front. The doors are then attached to this framework. Frameless cabinetry is built with 5/8 to 3/4" thick panel material, and without a face frame on the face of the cabinet box. The doors are hinged directly to the cabinet side wall. A visual characteristic of frameless is the very narrow (1/8 or less), spacing or reveal between adjacent doors and drawers. The benefits of frameless construction are the increased usable storage access and wider drawers within the same footprint of space. Even narrow drawer cabinets become functioning storage. Unlike face frame cabinetry, there is no frame work diminishing the cabinet opening or creating an obstruction.